Who is CCMR

Mission Statement

The Mission of CCMR is to advocate for all people with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities on the local, state and national level. CCMR believes that all individuals with DD/ID, their guardians and families have the right to choose what is best for them and their families. This includes where the individual lives, either in a developmental center, group home, independent liviving or in the family home.  

Who is CCMR

CCMR, is the premier advocacy organization for all people with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities, their guardians and families who support these individuals, in the Commonwealth Of Massachusetts.

Formed and incorporated in 1976 as Hogan Regional Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc., CCMR, as it is known today has grown over the last 30 plus years
from "the parents group at Hogan Regional Center" to a well respected, policy setting, influential advocacy group on the local, state and federal levels.

All Massachusetts residents with DD/ID have benefited from the advocacy efforts
of CCMR. Through CCMR's affiliation with VOR (www.vor.net) a highly respected national advocacy group for people with DD/ID, CCMR and its members have influenced legislation and policy on a national level.

CCMR represents all citizens with DD/ID who live in Developmental Centers, State Operated group homes
, Vendor Operated group homes, independent living and those living at home.  

CCMR cares and continues to advocate on behalf off those who have DD/ID, who can and cannot speak for themselves in Massachusetts and the rest of the country with dignity and vigor. 




Why CCMR Supports the use of the words "Mental Retardation"

CCMR recognizes that many people feel the words "Mental Retardation" are wrong and insensitive. Used in the wrong context CCMR agrees. However, we believe this "language change" is nothing more than a "political correctness" trend. Used incorrectly, most words that define the population that CCMR has advocated for over 30 years could be considered hurtful. CCMR will however continue to advocate that making language changes is detrimental to those those that we serve. For more information...
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