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CCMR is hosting a Comedy Night Fundraiser
Saturday September 28, 2013 
Giggles Comedy Club at Prince Pizza, Saugus MA
Doors open at 6:30, Tickets are $25.00 (Pizza included)
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Current Issues

Rising Expectations
The Developmental Disabilities Act Revisites
National Council
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Developmental Disabilities
ADD Envision The Future
Results of
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Senator Newman from Virginia makes a passionate plea for the Central Virginia Training Center and ICF/MR

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Connecticut Cost Saving Analysis to Close ICF/MR Facility 
Massachusetts' Claim 
of 40 Million Dollars in Savings to Taxpayers  Should be
Re-evaluated by Independant Agency
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Big Win!!!
Key Program Restored Till End of FY-11
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Need for an Independent Cost Study
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Creditability of
Cost Comparison

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Facility Cost Analysis Report
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DOJ Settles with AMC
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Easter Seals
Living With Disabilities
Key Findings
Full Report

ADA Transportation Hearing
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2010 Election Results
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Fernald League Last Post on Blue Mass Group
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Fernald League Dissolves after 54 Years of Advocacy
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Fernald League Disbands at End of Year
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National Cost Study Analysis

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 National Cost Study Analysis Update
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Dr. Bacotti's 2008 Cost Analysis of Glavin
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Mark Zanger's 
2008 Cost Analysis of Glavin White Paper
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Massachusetts Taxpayers/Boston Foundation Report on DDS and DMH
Executive Summary
Full Report

Response to MTF/BF Report
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Please read and watch this story:
Utah Health Department: ICF's/ID

Imagine you're a 79-year old woman with an intellectually disabled 53-year old son. You're growing older and require care for yourself, and your son needs even more care, including 24-hour support and assistance with his medical needs.

Next, imagine having a family of several children including one child who is severally intellectually disabled requiring constant, high-level care. Both you and your spouse must work full-time to provide for your family's needs and cannot always be there...

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FY-12 DDS Massachusetts Budget...
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  Please read the NY Times Story
about the abuse and neglect in
NY State Operated Group Homes
According to the author this is part one and there will be a part two concerning
Vendor Operated Homes
Stay Tuned!!!
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The US Supreme stated:
The Supreme Court, in its landmark Olmstead v. L.C. ruling, recognized the need for a range of services which respond to the varied and unique needs of the entire disability community: “We emphasize that nothing in the ADA or its implementing regulations condones termination of institutional settings for persons unable to handle or benefit from community settings...Nor is there any federal requirement that community-based treatment be imposed on patients who do not desire it.” 119 S. Ct. 2176, 2187 (1999).


"It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act. There are two aspects to action.
One is to overcome the distortions and afflictions of your own mind, that is,
in terms of calming and eventually dispelling anger.
This is action out of compassion. The other is more social, more public.
When something needs to be done in the world to rectify the wrongs,
if one is really concerned with benefitting others, one needs to be engaged, involved".
Dalai Lama